Kristen is a great coach. She has been so helpful and informative through this journey. I have lost 50 pounds and almost to my goal. I have learned so much about food with her help. She is my biggest cheerleader! I’m thankful for this program and for Kristen!

Christy D.

I cannot recommend Ideal Protein and Kristen enough. I thought I had reached the age and point in my life where I could not lose the weight I wanted or needed to lose. I realized I was addicted to carbohydrates, but had trouble breaking the addiction. I could diet for a while, but the slow results and plateauing would always result in quitting before all the weight was lost and putting on more weight.

Ideal Protein helped me lose all the weight I wanted to lose (70 lbs) in less than 6 months. Even more importantly it has taught me how my body puts on weight and how to eat properly going forward to prevent gaining weight. I’m not going to lie the first week can be difficult for those that are addicted to carbs, but I was rarely hungry after I got past the first week. Stick with it and get past that first week, because believe me you will be glad you did.

As far as the food is concerned, I enjoyed the wide variety that Ideal Protein offered and the recipes in the cookbook are great. Also, Kristen was a great help throughout the process. She is very knowledgeable, positive and encouraging. Additionally, she has been on the program herself, so she knows what you are going through and how to guide you through it. Thank you Kristen and Ideal Protein you changed my life!

Kirk G.

I would love to say how thankful I am that I found Ideal Protein. I was able to lose the 25 lbs that I just couldn’t seem to lose. The food is really amazing and there are so many wonderful recipes that I still make for my family! I have learned how to maintain my weight and would suggest the program to anyone. Kristen was my coach and I am so thankful for everything she taught me to be successful!

Crystal E.

I have been on every diet there is and Ideal Protein is by far the best one!! I lost 25 pounds in a short time as the weight came off consistently each week. The food is great; the plan is so easy to follow. The cookbook keeps meals from getting “boring”; the recipes in it are very good. The best thing, though, was having Kristen available at any time for encouragement, tips, recipes. She is a great “coach”, who cares about each person succeeding. I now have been maintaining my weight at, or below, goal for 6 months and have found that to be super easy. Can’t recommend this program highly enough!

Dianne A.

Kristen is amazing! I’ve lost 50 lbs. this year doing the Ideal Protein method. I was going to a different clinic in town that didn’t provide the full coaching experience and I can honestly say that finding Kristen and having a one-on-one coaching experience has made all the difference. If you’re wanting to lose weight, I cannot recommend Kristen and Ideal Protein highly enough!

Angel D.

I didn’t start gaining weight until my late 30’s…kids, work and age were taking their toll! I tried IP and was very successful with it….I loved it! It truly worked for me and I felt so healthy during and after the weight loss. I was able to maintain for a few years but then some big life changes happened and the weight was coming back on. Without hesitation I looked up coaches in the Nashville area and was so blessed to find Kristen!! At the time she was close to my work…I found her to be such an encouragement even though I struggled more this time as we were dealing with some unexpected family health issues that was making it difficult to stay protocol 100%. I took a couple months break and picked it up again, and will continue until I meet my new lower goal!! With this diet, you get out of it what you put into it. Life happens and there will be bumps. Kristen is there to help us through that, has a listening ear and great advice. She tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear…and I appreciate that honesty…I need that. She has fantastic recipe ideas, tips and meal planning available…she makes it so much easier than trying to do it all on your own. I am so thankful for Kristen’s smiles, hugs and encouragement, IP and my health!

Tammy O.

Kristen, I want to give a shout of encouragement to others going through the plan or thinking about starting it…my family has never been one to stick with a diet plan, we have started many but stuck with few. The Ideal Weigh was not one I jumped on immediately because of that. I was skeptical of the plan and honestly, of my family – as to if they had the real desire to stay focused and on task. Well, two months or so into their journey, they were sticking to the plan and they were having success. I know it is much easier when the whole family moves in common accord so I took the step and joined in. I knew if I selected a reasonable and achievable goal, I would stay encouraged with seeing progress and so would my family. Not only has the plan been easy to follow but the journey has been enjoyable with them and with you as our coach. Your encouragement and your care and concern shown to my family have made this quite easy. Anytime we have had a question, no matter the time, you have been quick to respond…you walk this with us and stay engaged, we are not left alone through our journey…it isn’t three of us walking through this, it’s four. We appreciate you, The Ideal Weigh, and the health gains this has brought our family. Thank you and thanks to The Ideal Weigh.

Now, having reached my initial goal and still not off the plan, I am constantly being asked…how have you done this, what are you doing? And so the conversation starts; I have encouraged co-workers, customers and other family members to take steps to improve their own health. That is the real success!

That is The Ideal Weigh!

Ron O.

I have literally been on every diet out there! You name it, I’ve done it and failed ! Ideal protein is the first and only diet that I have never stopped. I have not quit since day one. The thing is, I am seeing such amazing results that I don’t want to quit. I have lost 40 pounds and am almost to my goal. I no longer feel like I am controlled by food. Kristen is unlike any other coach you have ever had! She knows the diet like no one else. Her knowledge is unbelievable. She also has literally “walked in my shoes”. She knows exactly what I need to be a success. I know that with Kristen’s help, I will succeed and will never ever again feel like a slave to food. Don’t waste another minute of your life letting food rule who you are! Call Kristen today!

Cindy W.

The Ideal Protein protocol has been a life saver for me! I had bariatric surgery three years ago and lost 100 lbs. I needed to lose 155 lbs. When I could no longer follow the very restrictive diet, I put 40 back on. I just couldn’t get back on the diet.

I chanced upon Ideal Protein and thought it sounded like something even I might be able to do. It has been great. I love the recipes in Janeva’s cookbook and have really gotten into cooking, something I very rarely did. The treats make it possible for me to not feel deprived and stay on the diet. I’ve lost 55 pounds and am only 30 pounds away from goal weight. I haven’t been at this low of a weight since 1989. I feel great, have lots more energy, and really enjoy buying new clothes now. Most importantly, if I got off the protocol, I was able to get back on. That’s a first for me. Usually, I lose some weight, go off, and never get back on. This is a diet I can live with.

A couple of other plusses is that you lose the weight quickly, so you don’t get discouraged. That keeps me motivated. I’ve done every diet and program in the book. This is the only one I recommend to others.

Amy H.

As a person who has struggled most of my life with weight it became harder to stop eating and to exercise. I work two jobs and my son plays hockey so between the running around and eating out alot and not exercising I became out of control with my weight and health, with this program I have control! it was so easy and i didnt have to worry about what i was going to eat next…not only did I lose a lot of weight but I no longer have to take bloodpressure pills. With the help of my coach Kristen and this program I have been successful in Achieving my goals!

Lisa S.

So glad I gave Ideal Protein and Kristen Graves a chance! I have a strong family history of adult onset diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorder, and congestive heart failure. I was also at my heaviest. My blood pressure and cholesterol were creeping up and I knew diabetes was right around the corner. I knew I had to do something! Kristen has been so very helpful, knowledgeable, and always available for any questions that I have had in between my visits. I am currently almost 60lbs down! My blood work and blood pressure are great! My joint pain is gone and I have more energy now than I did 10 years ago. It has truly been a life saver!!

Christy H.

I have to tell you about the wonderful success I have had while going to the Ideal Weigh and how fabulous Kristen Winters is as a coach for the Ideal Protein Program. I have been going to the gym for the last couple of years trying to lose weight and get into better shape. My Facebook reminders recently brought to my attention that I had completed 75 workouts in 3 months starting 2 years ago. I moved to Mt Juliet last May and am so happy to have found the Ideal Weigh. I started on the program in July 2017 and as of today I have lost 25 pounds. My goal was to lose 50 pounds before I turn 50 in January 2018 and so far I’m on track and couldn’t be happier. This lifestyle change has been more successful for me than any time I have spent in the gym. I do like working out and will continue once I reach maintenance, but as far as actually losing weight and keeping motivated this has been the best program for me. I went to the lung doctor today and was able to have my asthma medication reduced which has been a nice bonus to the benefits of weight loss! If you are wondering if this program is for you, give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed.

Debbie D.

30 lbs gone! When my support clinic closed, I ended up gaining about half the weight I had originally lost. So I decided to go see Kristen Graves Winters at The Ideal Weigh! She is a wonderful coach and friend and has been such an encouragement! If you want to be healthier go see her!!!

Meredith S.

Kristen and The ideal Weigh has been so supportive. I had a horrible relationship with vegetables throughout my life. I could go weeks and not eat anything green! This program has introduce me to foods I never thought I would like (I dare say love). I have started shedding inches and pounds and have not been this size in 5 years. The looks and stares from family and friends are truly motivating. Every week I talk to Kristen and she always pushes me to do more. She always has a recommendation or new recipe and that has helped me along my journey. I have tried several different programs and this is the only one that has worked for me. My life is better for it. Thank you!

LaTesha D.