The initial cost of the program is $379 plus tax. This price includes:

*Coaching Fee
*Fit3D Body Scan
*Your first week of Ideal Protein food
*Your first month of Multi-vitamins, Omega 3’s, and Cal-Mags
*Two months of Potassium
*Blender Bottle
*Ideal Salt
*Starter Bag
*Water Enhancers
*Weekly Videos
*One-on-one weekly coaching sessions
*Access to the Ideal Protein app. to track your progress
*Coaches available to help you and answer any questions outside of your weekly appointments
*Access to secret Facebook group

Your weekly food costs are approximately $95 plus tax. There is no contract to sign, nor any weekly per visit charges.

Most people find they are saving money on the program when you factor in what you won’t be spending at the grocery store, along with extras such as alcohol, Starbucks, sodas and fast food, etc.

Email us if you are ready to set up your consultation appointment or if you have questions [email protected]

Our program costs are non-refundable. We spend signigicant time answering all questions a client might have, explaining the program and how it works, plus what is expected of you to achieve the best results possible. We want you to be completely sure of your decision before starting our program and therefore we are not able to offer a refund on the initial starter package should you change your mind . Thank you!