Fit3D Pro Scanner

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We are super excited to offer Fit3D body scanning at The Ideal Weigh.Body scanning is a contact less method of showing your weight loss progress and results with actual 3D avatars and multiple interactive reports.

* You will receive body measurements of 60 different areas.
* Posture reports.
* Balance reports.
* Wellness metrics including body composition (weight, lean mass, fat mass and body fat %), body shape, and fitness levels.

All of this is accomplished in a 35 second scan!

You can track your progress by using the comparison overlay feature to see how your body is changing!

You do not have to be a client of The Ideal Weigh program to take a Fit3D scan.
Simply click here to schedule your scan today

Scan prices: One scan $35
Package of five scans (for one person) $99.99

Any questions? Feel free to contact us!